The vision of the college is to provide higher education to all sundry irrespective of their class & creed in the border district of the nation & to evolve it into a reputed institute of higher learning. To equip its students with the best knowledge in the discipline of their choice and thus, help them to explore their talent for achieving a bright career. To help them unfold their talents in sports and gain respect for their country.


The mission of the college is to encourage academic environment for promotion of quality teaching-learning in the institution and to help prepare outstanding educators, scholars, sportspersons & students in research, consultancy & training programs and to foster in them the intrinsic values of life that pave their way for becoming worth imitating leaders, good citizens & the same human beings in their future life and also to contribute to the research Knowledge in development of the state of Uttarakhand.


1) To provide higher education to all students equally.

2) To inculcate human values in the students.

3) To evolve the college into a reputed institute of higher education.

4) To equip students with the best knowledge in their discipline.

5) To explore and develop the talent of students for achieving a bright career.

6) To unfold the extra-curricular talents of students for their personality development.


1) To develop a sense of equality in students.

2) To respect teachers, colleagues and juniors.

3) To imbibe the value of gender sensitization.

4) To develop consciousness towards cleanliness and sustenance of environment.

5) To have compassion and sense of service towards weaker sections of the society.


1) To develop conscientiousness towards the institution.

2) To develop rapport among the staff members.

3) To ensure time bound completion of tasks.

4) To maintain confidentiality.

5) To maintain integrity, respect and empathetic work environment.


  • Quality teaching in the campus.
  • To initiate professional courses in the campus, so that maximum number of students will be benefited.
  • Encourage staff and student to pursue and involve in research/project activity.
  • To open new research avenues by creating collaboration with national & international agencies.
  • Organising seminar/workshop/awareness programmes so that academic
    atmosphere should be sustained.
  • Arrangements of extension lectures for the students of different disciplines.
  • Procurement of books, journals, furniture and modernization of reading rooms.
  • Remedial classes for weaker section related to competitive examinations.
  • Holistic development of students by incorporating various sports and cultural activities.
  • Creating awareness among students regarding available career opportunities by facilitating them with career counselling and placement.
  • To develop our college into an exemplary institution for employing eco-friendly techniques.